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March 25, 2012
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Scorched Mountain Leader Application: Noria by Renu-K Scorched Mountain Leader Application: Noria by Renu-K
Update: Because her first outfit was overly complex and nonsensical. Plus, winter is a thing. (Old app here: Scorched Mountain Leader App: Noria (Original))

Since she's a swordsmaster I thought it would be cool for her moves to take the shape of swords QuQ


Name: Kiyomizu Noria (清水儀愛) (Last name, first name. Her last name means "pure water." The intended meaning for her first name is “to rule with love.”)

Pokemon: Reshiram

Age: 24 27 (Birthday: 10/23) HAH OLD GRANNY

Village: Scorched Mountain

Job: Leader

Nature: Timid (+Spd/-Atk) (Yeah I know this seems weird, but I'm basing this more off of how she was when she was a kid and well...various other plot-related things OTL Ignore meeeeee~ :iconwooooplz:)

Ability: Turboblaze - When this Pokemon becomes active, it nullifies the abilities of opposing active Pokemon that hinder this Pokemon's attacks.

Focus Blast - :iconfightingtypeplz: The user heightens its mental focus and unleashes its power. It may also lower the target's Sp. Def.
Blue Flare - :iconfiretypeplz: The user attacks by engulfing the target in an intense, yet beautiful, blue flame. It may leave the target with a burn.
Dragon Pulse - :icondragontypeplz: The target is attacked with a shock wave generated by the user's gaping mouth.
Fusion Flare - :iconfiretypeplz: The user brings down a giant flame. This attack does greater damage when influenced by an enormous thunderbolt.
:new: Sunny Day - :iconfiretypeplz: The user intensifies the sun for five turns, powering up Fire-type moves.

???? - There is one more move she is trying to learn...

Likes: Adventure, exploring by moonlight, traveling, swordsmanship, weapons, jokes, stories about places outside of Pokimono, making her completed paperwork into origami, new food, people playing along with her games, her villagers, festivals, fireworks, >u>

Dislikes: Being cooped up for too long, nosiness, inflated egos, spicy food, summer, people trying to take off her mask, drinking (she doesn't mind if others do it, she just doesn't like it herself), people who are ungrateful or take too many things for granted, swimming, cold temperatures, superstitions

Personality: On the surface Noria appears to be a worry-free, lighthearted soul with a flair for flamboyance when communicating with others. She does her best to keep a balance of being professional enough to be reliable, but also being casual enough with others so that she is approachable. Noria tends to plan very far ahead with her actions even though they are done quickly and by appearances without much thought, often seeming random and nonsensical. When she is not putting up the flamboyant and outrageous facade she is really just a quirky, quick-witted, and down-to-earth woman with just a tiny streak of mischief who just enjoys the company of unique people and a good time. Around the villagers and her coworkers she does her best to express the warmth and kindness she feels for them, though in situations of high tension her emotions sometimes fail her, giving her a cold and indifferent disposition. This is due to her being raised to keep her emotions under control in order to make level-headed and effective decisions whenever needed.

Living a lonely childhood has made her greatly value the friendships she holds, but at the same time she keeps their number few. Being raised in a political environment has made her scrutinizing and keenly aware of when she is being used or lied to, but she never reveals this and brushes off any offenses with a lighthearted laugh while reserving her reevaluations of the person. It is not terribly difficult to get on her good side, especially if you can cater to her slightly odd sense of humor. She likes corny puns and jokes, though she will often get them wrong if she tries to retell them, to the point where whatever little humor was in them is completely lost by the time she manages to correctly say it.

Noria’s temperament is usually as cool and still as undisturbed water, but in fact lurking beneath the happy exterior is a very dangerous temper. She is passive when it comes to conflicts, tending to resolve them with negotiations and wit rather than violence, but this is not to say that she dislikes violence, rather she has a natural propensity toward other solutions. Her passion for swordsmanship makes her willing to compete in any sparring match and she can certainly be relied on to take the command in battle. She acts slow or dim-witted at times to assess how much others know about the situation when they explain it to her. While she is certainly very willing to bear the responsibility of others relying on her, she also wants them to learn for themselves how to be capable and independent without crying to a leader for their every need. Perhaps one of her largest vices is that her thoughts and emotions are as hidden as her face behind that mask. Even though it can cause people to mistrust her, she would rather have them doubt her and be proven wrong later by her actions rather than reveal what she is actually thinking and feeling.

History: Ever since she was born, there have been high expectations for Noria. Since her father, a Reshiram who was a greatly admired former leader in Pokimono, was so highly respected, much was expected of Noria as his only daughter. Thus instead of friends and children her own age, she grew up with tutors and scrolls. When she did associate with others, her somewhat eccentric personality caused unpleasant rumors to spread about her mental state, which caused trouble and shame for her high-status family. When she should have been fearless she was a coward. When she should have been aggressive she was passive. When she was supposed to speak and win the support of others, she was silent. Thus, she developed a different persona—one that was charismatic, lighthearted, slightly dumb to make others feel better about their intelligence, and humorously dramatic. However, as she began to rely on this manufactured persona and reverted to it more and more, it eventually became so instinctive that it seamlessly became part of her personality. Even now she questions when she became this type of person and who she really is.

The only goals given to her were to receive a thorough education in every field that could possibly be relevant to her career: politics, agriculture, trading, law, economics, martial arts, geography, the history of all of the villages as well as their current situations, etc. While somewhat interested in these topics, her true passion resided in swordsmanship where she was able to place all the restless energy accumulated from her hours of mental strain. Well-versed in nearly every type of blade and with an eye for craftsmanship as keen as a blacksmith’s, one of Noria's greatest joys was visiting the ports where weapons from all over the world exchanged hands. This was also where she would meet Rikuto, who was back then a notorious Metagross pirate-turned-ronin-turned-assassin-turned-thief feared across several countries, and who would later become her fiancé. “Nice pair of eyes ya got there. Prettier than any sapphire I’ve seen… If ya kick the bucket, mind if I take ‘em ta sell? Ow—wha—it’s not like yer gonna use ‘em once yer dead! Ow—argh—goddamit, FINE I WON’T GEEZ! Jus’—enough with the kicking!”

Despite the way their personalities clashed, him being egotistical, abrasive, and sarcastic while her foul mood toward him rendered her cold, cynical, and argumentative, they found a way to bond over weapons. Though her better conscience told her to report the criminal to the authorities, her lonelier side found his presence comforting, though he drove her mad at least once per meeting. What was more astounding was that while others, no matter how despicable or bothersome they were to her, could never get her to lose her temper, Rikuto could do so without even thinking about it. The more they clashed, the more they got to know each other, and soon they could hardly bear to be apart from each other even when arguing (though neither would admit such a thing). Finally, after an explosive fight that resulted in the both of them separating for months, Rikuto, knowing Noria’s stubbornness could last an eternity, overcame his own pride to find her. When he finally did, he found that she had been searching for him since not long after their argument. Perhaps out of some secret inner fear for losing her again but never before finding the nerve to express it, he proposed. She struck him with a Blue Flare, losing her temper once more from the frustration of having been unable to find him for so long, before finally accepting the proposal with furious yet joyful tears.

Their happiness was not to last. Rikuto beseeched Noria’s father for her hand in marriage, but of course her father would not have it and only out of consideration for his daughter did he not immediately have Rikuto arrested. Unable to convince her father and feeling jaded by her ceaseless studies, she proposed to leave her home and until her father saw her side, but the Metagross vowed to stay and do whatever he could to win the father’s consent for their marriage. Once more they were reminded that their happiness was not to be by the arrival of a caravan of nomads who were stolen from and abandoned by Rikuto during his many travels. They far outnumbered the pair and easily overtook them. Demanding the fortune that they knew Rikuto had accumulated, he lied to them by saying he spent it all. Holding the beaten man at knife point, they then interrogated Noria. If she answered falsely, they would kill him. Once asked though, she answered the same as Rikuto, but her eyes betrayed her dishonesty. Her fiancé was killed and she was taken hostage until she led them to Rikuto’s fortune. Lost and listless, she could only respond that she cared not for her own life and demanded that they kill her.

One of the thieves realized her identity and decided they could ransom her to her family instead who was well-known to be well off. Unfortunately for them, they far underestimated the influence that her family held. It did not take long after her father was notified of the ransom his daughter was safely recovered--but the caravan, well...there was no point in arresting what little of them was left from the ashes. She was almost like a different person, heartbroken and lifeless. It took months, years before she was able to regain some semblance of her former personality, though she was never the same again. Finding herself too scared and repulsed of her own emotions and weakness, she hid them away behind a mask.

With this physical façade she was able to recover her strength. Unfortunately the weakness of showing her honesty drove her to become skilled at telling lies and she became capable of hiding her true emotions and judgments. Even though she no longer needs it, Noria continues to wear the mask even now as a reminder of the tragedy she allowed to occur, as well as to hide the eyes that Rikuto valued so much but that also betrayed him. The mask itself was also embedded with a seal. If her mask was removed, the full fury of her Reshiram abilities is freed. Although she by now has mostly managed to control them, she prefers to seal off her powers unless they are truly needed.

After answering a leader summons from Koori and the other village leaders, she was able to cooperate with them to help capture Genesect. Since then she was elected to serve as Scorched Mountain's leader and continues to serve that role to this day. Noria remains loyal and loving to her villagers, serving them dutifully each day even if she often takes escapades to get out of her office. Recent events, particularly the ones that involved Yveltal and the Secret Organization have caused her to consider getting in some serious vacation time from her job and go gallivanting with a certain Hydreigon. 

Additional Info:
-Her height is 5'7".
-Her clothing contains all of the phases of the moon somewhere on her person.
-She has the worst luck in the world and it makes her paranoid.
-Her swords are based on the new moon and full moon phases in addition to representing Yin and Yang. The handle of the black sword was made from obsidian.
-The armband on her right arm was an heirloom made by her grandfather for her mother when she was married. It contains the Taoist trigram with the yang symbol missing.
-The crystals she wears on her face are a memorial to her mother.
-She can often be caught wearing a smile that says she knows much more than she tells.
-The fiery wings she seals up cannot actually do any real damage to opponents unless powered with a move.
-Though she will never openly admit it, she is a very lonely person.
-She cannot cook other than boiling water and cooking rice...which involves boiling water. Oh, and of course she can roast raw meat with her fire, but she usually overcooks it.
-This woman is a professional at giving impromptu speeches ":I
-Whenever she comes across a fighter who is a dragon type, she tries to recruit them as a part of her Dragon Guard, an elite force of dragon warriors! So far she has less than a handful of takers.
-She sees Kouki as a reliable samurai to send on certain missions if she requires it. The two of them have bonded over food a few times, but their relationship is strictly professional.
-Yae is pretty much the most adorable Espeon she has ever seen, and as much as she would like to shower the girl in affection, for some reason Yae always seems to get sick whenever she is around Noria. The Reshiram will occasionally send by some medicine for the girl.
-Noboru is one of Noria's closest friends and confidants. Surprisingly the two of them have a great deal in common other than the whole sado-masochism and murdering fetishes that Noboru has. He is also her archery teacher, so the two of them remain quite close.
-Since Maten has such clear avoidance tendencies when it comes to Noria, she is oblivious to his presence in the village. They seem to share some past history together judging by his reaction to her.


Noria (c) Me

Done in PaintTool SAI~

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